Bert is committed to enhancing financial literacy and independence among the UK's older population.

He has a background in executive management, consulting to large internationals and governments.

Having identified a crucial need in the personal finance sector, Bert has redirected his focus towards empowering older adults in the UK with the financial knowledge and tools necessary for a secure and informed retirement.


Bert has extensive consultation experience notably with multinational companies and governments across Africa, Europe, and Asia.

He has consulted for the Investment Board of Nepal, GIZ on behalf of the German Governement, the EU, TradeMark East Africa and several other large donor-funded projects. His work in corporates includes projects for Maersk, Grindrod Logistics and Damco.


Bert studied at the University of Johannesburg.

He has since gone on to build his theoretical knowledge supplementing his degree with several courses covering personal finance, mortgages, real estate investment, and UK pensions.

Relevant accomplishments

Bert has achieved a lot since shifting his focus to later-life personal finance in the UK.
His accomplishments include:

New Book Launch: Navigating Equity Release Like a Pro

"Navigating Equity Release Like a Pro - One Man's Journey to Understand the Process" is a compelling and insightful book that delves into the complexities of equity release.

Through the lens of one man's personal journey, the book offers a detailed exploration of the intricacies involved in unlocking the value tied up in one's home.

The narrative is not just a recount of experiences but also serves as an educational guide, providing readers with crucial information about the potential risks and rewards of equity release. The author skillfully navigates through the technical aspects, making them accessible to a broad audience.

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone considering equity release, offering practical advice and personal insights that illuminate this often misunderstood financial decision.

SovereignBoss Unveils Its Exciting Redesign: Elevating Your Financial Experience with Advanced Features and Rich Content

We are excited to announce the much-anticipated relaunch of SovereignBoss, a significant milestone in our mission to deliver exceptional financial guidance.

Our platform has been revolutionized with a cutting-edge redesign, featuring a modern, intuitive interface that enhances user engagement and simplifies information discovery. The revamped navigation system is thoughtfully organized, allowing users to seamlessly explore our extensive range of financial resources.

More than just a visual upgrade, our content has undergone a substantial enhancement. Focusing on comprehensive analysis, precision, and topical relevance, SovereignBoss now presents an enriched array of articles, in-depth studies, and valuable resources.

Catering to both the experienced financier and the novice investor, our updated platform is tailored to enrich your financial understanding and decision-making. Discover the new SovereignBoss – your gateway to sophisticated and clear financial insights.

Every Investor Relaunches: A New Era of Enhanced Design, Navigation, and Superior Content

We are thrilled to announce the grand relaunch of Every Investor, marking a new chapter in our commitment to providing top-notch financial insights.

Our platform has undergone a transformative redesign, boasting a sleek, user-friendly interface that promises an unparalleled browsing experience. The new navigation system is intuitively structured, ensuring that our readers can effortlessly access the wealth of information available. But it's not just about looks; our content has also been significantly upgraded.

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