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Bert Hofhuis is engaged in several influential projects, each making a significant impact in the fields of finance and business leadership.


Bert leads, a platform offering essential, reliable insights for investors to effectively navigate the financial landscape.

02 focuses on providing transparent and expert advice on retirement planning and equity release, aimed at those looking for secure financial solutions for their later years.

03 serves as a comprehensive resource, simplifying the complexities of funding and financial support for a broad audience.

04 is an independent online publication providing Information on the Equity Release Industry.


Book Launch

SIPPs: Your Guide to Self-Invested Personal Pensions

Bert Hofhuis recently launched his new book, “SIPPs: A Guide to Self-Invested Personal Pensions,” providing invaluable insights into the intricacies of managing one’s retirement funds. 

Available on Amazon, this comprehensive guide is a must-read for anyone considering or already invested in SIPPs.


Book Launch

Equity Release and Retirement: Your Guide to Later Life Mortgage Options

Equity Release: Must-Ask Questions for Safe, Smart Financial Decisions is designed to help readers make informed choices about later-life financial planning. 

Now available on Amazon, this essential guide is perfect for anyone exploring the complexities of equity release.

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