Bert Hofhuis

“I want to be part of making information for later-life financial planning more accessible in the UK.”


Empowering Leadership, Financial Wisdom, and Business Innovation.

With a diverse background in international finance and executive management, I am well-equipped to drive innovation and growth in various market sectors. My experience spans consulting for major international corporations and governments, offering a broad perspective on global financial dynamics.

Let's collaborate to explore new opportunities and lead your business to the forefront of its industry.


An offering designed to help you overshoot your goals, whether you're looking to expand into new markets or consolidate your brand.

Public Speaking Engagements

Engaging and insightful presentations that inspire and inform.

Leadership Development

Empowering current and aspiring leaders with the tools to excel and influence.

Management Skills Training

Specialised training programs to enhance skills and knowledge in various business and financial domains.

Coaching & Mentorship

Learn how to put ideas to paper and make concrete progress under the guidance of a successful founder.

Vision & Mission

3 Goals for Financial Empowerment


Access a wealth of experience paired with an innovative approach and achieve your goals.

Every Investor

A platform dedicated to providing investors with insightful, reliable information to make informed investment decisions.


Specialising in later-life financial solutions, offers clear, concise information on retirement planning and equity release.


A comprehensive resource for understanding and navigating the world of funding and financial support.

Banking Times

An independent online publication, providing information on the equity release industry.

Published Books

Explore the latest titles by author Bert Hofhuis.

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